"Within 2 months working with you guys my income TRIPLED! That amount of sales is insane"

We help E-commerce Brands Growth FAST:
Client Acquisition through Facebook ADS, Custom funnels, Google ADS, Youtube, And Email marketing.

BellaPOINT was founded by the top media buyers in Israel, and we are dedicated to growing your e-comm brand.

We Make You PROFITS, Not Likes

πŸ’° In the last 12 Months We Spent Over 2.2 Million Shekels Profitability to our clients:

βœ… Acquiring New clients while keeping you profitable: Facebook & IG ads, Google ADS, GDN and Google shopping.

βœ… Advanced remarketing so that prospects will buy from you: Display networks, dynamic search, Youtube (big one). We don't care about impressions. we care about your profit.

βœ… 99% of agencies don't do that: remarketing to clients who already bought from you, making sure you'll have a strong customer list that buyes again and again.

Why Our Service Is Unbeatable When Compared With The Typical Agency Model…



What exactly do you get


βœ… We Bind You To A Contract

Please Read!

Just like you want to pick the right Agency, we want to pick the right client for us.

Pleae read what we are looking for:

Your store makes at least 20K In revenue monthly.

You have at least 40% Profit Margin.

You have a working e-commerce site with clear shipping times.